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The process of underpinning is to stabilise and strengthen the foundation of a home. The most common practices are to make the current foundation strong, which involves extending the foundation so that it rests on a more supportive soil structure and distributes its load across a greater area. We dig under the existing foundation and support it with a new concrete foundation.

House Underpinning services can also be done to garages and wall foundations in Melbourne. If you see cracks appearing in the walls of your home it is always best to check it out. Any problem can be amended without a great deal of damage, but if left untended, it could turn worse. Underpinning means the earth is removed around key points of a building’s foundation and replaced with concrete. House Underpinning in Melbourne may be necessary for a variety of reasons

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The causes of foundation failure :

1. The original foundation is not strong or stable
2. The use of the building has changed.
3. The properties within the soil supporting the foundation have changed.

Other causes that require the need for the house underpinning Services in Melbourne can be:

1. Evaporation- Hot dry wind and intense heat will often cause the soil to move beneath a home causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.
2. Transpiration- The roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.
3. Plumbing leaks– Water from plumbing leaks is often a cause of foundation problems.
4. Drainage- Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. Excess moisture will erode or consolidate soils and cause settlement.
5. Inferior ground preparation- Soft, low density soils and/or improperly compacted soil beneath a home is the leading cause of foundation failure. Cut and fill situations should be properly prepared before the soil is ready to support a structure.
6. Poor soil conditions- Poor soil and its expansion and/ or contraction contribute to foundation failure.

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With years of experience and a specialised team of skilled workers, Titan Reblocking specialises in traditional house underpinning services in Melbourne, We provide you with Council and Engineers permits, and we are HIA members and Registered with the Building Practitioner Board. We can offer competitive rates and we carry the mandatory insurance cover. Work with Titan Underpinning services in Melbourne, so we can help with putting the surface of the ground to prevent further damage and subsidence to your property. All our quotes and site visits are completely FREE OF CHARGE. For a Free site inspection please contact us.

Things to check

Warning Signs :

1. Crackes in your Brick
2. Sloping Floors
3. Water Instrusion
4. Chimney Pulling Away

Before Underpinning is commenced we will come out to determine whether an underpinning procedure will achieve the object intended e.g.- to transfer the load carried foundation from its existing bearing level at a suitable depth.

After the site inspection our engineer will come out and will advise on an appropriate repair assessing the factors causing the problem e.g.-sub soil condition, location of trees, failure of drainage etc and also to advise how many pins will be required to support the existing foundation.

Advantages of Traditional Underpinning

  1. Suitable for heavy loads and massive structures.
  2. Occupants can remain in the property as work can be undertaken from outside.
  3. Low cost solution at shallow depths
  4. Minimal disruption and noise generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is house underpinning?

When the soil beneath a house starts sinking gradually then it is known as subsidence. This is an irreversible occurrence and can only be fixed by making new deeper footings to stabilise the foundations. This process is known as underpinning.

Can I live in a house while it’s being underpinned?

Yes! You can stay in the house for the entire duration of the process as most of the work will be done from outside the house.

What is involved in underpinning a house?

Underpinning involves the placement of extra concrete footings or steel screw-in pier footings to provide support to the structure. The existing foundation will be dug into and filled with concrete.

Is underpinning covered by insurance?

This purely depends on the insurance policy you are carrying. Most insurance providers cover incidences of subsidence so reach to your insurance provider to know more.

How much does underpinning a foundation cost?

The cost of underpinning a house will vary on how far the subsidence has gone. You can contact us and we’ll be happy to conduct a site visit and give you a quote completely free of charge.