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Difference Between House Reblocking and Restumping

Any independent structure will stand only as strong as its foundation. If the foundation is compromised then the structure will be too. Many old Australian houses have a foundation that rests on the support of wooden stumps. These wooden stumps will weather over time especially if they are exposed to a good deal of moisture which is bad because these stumps carry the entire weight of the house.

This is where restumping comes in. Restumping or reblocking is the process of replacing the old and weathered stumps that make up the foundation of the house with newer stumps that are made of more durable material.

Stump Types

Blocks or stumps come in three variants which differ based on their strength and durability. Reblocking stumps can be made of the following materials:

Timber:  The most common type of stumps are made of hardwood which is what you’re likely to find in your own home. Hardwood is durable but not forever and over time will succumb to moisture and pests. The timber on the other hand can last several decades given the right environment as long as you choose a type that is rot resistant.

Concrete: Stumps made from concrete have two advantages over those made from wood. For one, they are stronger and last far longer than wood so the chances for restumping will probably not happen in one lifetime. Secondly, these stumps are easier to secure to the bearing which makes them easier to install overall.

Steel: Steel stumps are a bit of a mix when it comes to the pros and cons. For one, steel is highly durable when compared with concrete or wood, secondly, it is quite easy to manipulate and can be shaped into varying forms to better fit the structure. On the cons side, in damp conditions, the steel is susceptible to rust and expansion which weakens it over time. To avoid this, many manufacturers offer stumps made of galvanised steel.

When it comes to house reblocking, Melbourne has a dire need. The weather is temperate oceanic in nature and the air can get filled with moisture at a moment’s notice. Most Melbourne homes are built on hardwood stumps which have endured for the last few decades but require either restumping/reblocking or underpinning.

But what happens if you leave the stumps as is? Well, since the foundation would be damaged you’ll start noticing cracks on the walls and eventually, the house itself will slant to one side with heavy creaking from the wooden floors.

A good restumping job that will last you a lifetime will also heavily depend on the type of contractor you choose. An unreliable one can empty your pocket and leave you with a house that will start showing problems again in a few years.

Titan Reblockers has been in the business of restumping in Melbourne for the last 20 years and we have never let any of our clients down. If your house needs reblocking in Melbourne, or if you need house restumping in Melbourne then reach out to us today.