House Restumping

Signs You Need House Restumping

Most suburban homes in Australia have a foundation that is supported by stumps of timber. If these stumps get damaged then the entire foundation of the house can be compromised. Most homes that were made before 1970 have a foundation supported by stumps made of hardwood.

While hardwood is quite durable and can easily last a few decades, this sturdiness can be compromised by damp weather and pests like termites. In cases like this, the existing stumps need to be replaced with new, stronger stumps that are made of different materials. This process is known as restumping or reblocking. But how can you find out that you are in need of restumping before it’s too late? Well, there are some telltale signs that your house will give you.

Signs You Need House Restumping

When it comes to house restumping, Melbourne has many houses that require this remedy. The common signs you need restumping are:

1. Slanted Flooring

If the floor in your house is uneven or is slanting to one side then you are in dire need of restumping. This is because the stumps beneath your house have weakened and some of them are starting to buckle under the pressure of holding up your foundation so the house slants towards the weaker stumps. To determine this for sure, do the marble test. Just drop a marble on the floor and if it rushes in one direction or changes course suddenly then your house needs restumping.

2. Creaky Floors and Furnishings

If the floors, doors, and windows are creaking then this is a clear sign of weakened stumps. These sounds are coming for two reasons. One, the house is buckling because it is losing support and two, the wood of the stumps is damaged by moisture making the wood expand and creak.

3. Jammed Doors and Windows

If there are certain doors and windows that are suddenly very difficult to open or keep getting jammed then the foundational stumps are failing. These problems are a strong indicator of damage due to excess moisture. The other reason for this is that the house’s alignment is changed due to the compromised foundation which in turn is disturbing the alignment of all the outlets causing slanted doors which can’t be opened.

4. Moisture Laden Foundation

If you inspect the region underneath your house and you see that there is a significant amount of moisture under there then it is probably a good idea to change the stumping. The same goes for houses that are in humid regions or houses that are subject to humid environments. The moisture tends to attract termites that feed on the cellulose inside wet wood. This leads to the inside of the stumps getting completely rotted.

If you require restumping in Melbourne then Titan Reblockers is a clear choice. We have been restumping houses for over 20 years and we also provide underpinning services. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to conduct a site inspection and provide you with a quote all free of charge.